The 5th Gear

“The 5th Gear” Double Bass is an original Puglisi instrument which has been reworked inspired by the set-up of world renowned Bassist, Renaud Garcia- Fons. It has been set up with five strings, including a high C . However it works just as well with a low B
Melbourne Bassist, Rod Gear, had a chance to spend some time with this instrument and can be heard on many present  recordings with Rod Gear. He says:
‘I walked into Benedict Puglisi’s shop one mid winters afternoon with a solitary goal; I wanted a new double bass. My old bass no longer did it for me. I wanted a bass that growled from the depths of the earth and could sing with the sweetness of a morning bird. I thought I might have been after perfection, unattainable, unaffordable perfection. Ben said, “why don’t you try this bass”. After a few minutes of sheer delight I asked Ben where on planet earth did he find this bass? He told me he made it; Benedict  Puglisi makes those kinds of double basses’.
This Double Bass is sold


The set-up also includes Tyrolean machine heads, a customised bridge and the addition of a fishman full circle pickup.
Constructed with highly figured maple back and sides the matching scroll is a longer pattern to accommodate the 5th string. This all combines to make an instrument with great volume and clarity.
Upper bout: 53.5cm
Middle bout:38 cm
Lower bout: 69 cm
Body length: 112.5cm
String length: 42″
This Double Bass is sold. For further information, please contact us via the contact form on our website.