La Piccolina Double Bass

La Piccolina Puglisi model Double Bass is one of the 2005 10th anniversary quartet of Double Basses handmade in the Atelier Puglisi workshop. A huge feat of instrument making, these four Double Basses were crafted to celebrate the 10th anniversary of founder Benedict G. Puglisi’s Hawthorn workshop. All four basses prove to be unique from each other in many ways and provide different tonal colours and playing experiences. La Piccolina is the smallest member of the 2005 quartet, providing a complex tonal palette with great clarity and expansive volume. A beautiful, petite Double Bass, La Piccolina features sloping shoulders for ease of playing, ideal for the solo performer or for those who require a smaller bodied instrument. The orange based varnish features a dark, antiqued finish.
La Piccolina is an extremely playable instrument and a handmade work of art.
This Double Bass is Sold


Aged German Maple
Aged German Spruce
Upper bout: 45cm
Middle bout:34.2cm
Lower bout: 65 cm
Ribs: 21:20.5:18.5 cm
String length: 42″

This double bass is sold. For further information, please contact us.