3/4 Benedict Puglisi Sebastiano Double Bass

Benedict’s Double Bass, Sebastiano, may be petite, but this doesn’t mean the tone is compromised.
An excellent performance bass for the soloist!
A great investment in sound and quality.
Sebastian was privileged to have its first performance at the 2011 Melbourne International Jazz Festival with the one and only Ron Carter.
This instrument has been sold
“I have the pleasure of owning and playing the Sebastiano double bass, …… This bass is in my opinion, an outstanding instrument that is great to play with an incredible tone”.– Nick Haywood


European maple, carved back sides and neck.
Spruce top.
Original handmade machine heads.
Upper bout: 45cm
Middle bout:34.2cm
Lower bout: 65 cm
Ribs: 21:20.5:18.5 cm
String length: 42″
This instrument has been sold