Puglisi Viennese Model Double Bass

The instrument is an exact model by Lembock, accurately copied to the finest detail and tested against an original. Lembock was a Hungarian born Viennese instrument maker famous for his accurate and impressive copies of Viennese double basses and fine Italian instruments. His instruments were praised for their fullness of tone coupled with responsiveness.
This bass features gamba corners and a flat back, as well as custom authentic Viennese wooden pegs and fittings.

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This is an exceptionally versatile bass which can be set up as a 5 string or 4 string orchestral bass, or in traditional Viennese tuning. The bass has a rich, dark tone well suited to orchestral playing. This is the perfect instrument for a professional looking for something versatile and suited to all circumstances.
Upper bout: !
Middle bout: !
Lower bout: !
Body length: !
String length: !
Rib ratio: !
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