Benedict Puglisi Vitruvian model

The Vitruvian Model is built on classic Italian lines with a strong influence from the Northern Italian School of making.
Available as a flat or carved back, and Antique or new finish
This model has found homes in orchestral circles in North America, Japan and Australia , as well as in the jazz genre.


A truly versatile instrument for all styles of playing at a professional standard
Upper bout: 49.6 cm
Middle bout:36.5 cm
Lower bout: 67.8 cm
Body length: 105.8 cm
String length: 105.2 cm
Rib ratio: 17 to 21.4 cm

Vitruvian I  2013  “Rubato”.  Craved back,  SOLD

Vitruvian II 2014 “The Rochester”.  Craved back,  SOLD

Vitruvian III 2016  “Abby”, Flat back,  SOLD

Vitruvian IV  2018  “………..” Flat back,  available late October  2018