Benedict G Puglisi – Da Salò 2015

“molto vecchio nonno del contrabasso”
Gasparo Da Salò (1542 to 1609), one of the greatest makers and possibly originator of the contrabasso, is the inspiration Benedict has used to combine a number of his instruments and create this classic, powerful sounding model with a contemporary feel.
A wonderfully warm tone which blends in beautifully in any ensemble.
This instrument has spent time in Melbourne Symphony Orchestra as well as jazz ensembles with the Melbourne International jazz festival. Attention to detail makes for a truly unique interpretation of this enduring and timeless model with it’s wonderful sound.


“molto vecchio nonno del contrabasso”
The back, sides and scroll are all made from the same block of fine, slab cut Italian quilted Maple.
Combined with a highest grade Spruce top from the Swiss Alps and fitted with indigenous Australian Eucalyptus fittings.
Upper bout: 54 cm
Middle bout: 34 cm
Lower bout: 67 cm
Body length: 110.5 cm
String length: 106 cm
Rib ratio: 22:14.5 cm
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