Proud heritage. Australian made.

“There are so many styles of playing the Double Bass, so my aim is to match these with the different models I make. I love to make instruments with carved-backs and violin corners for their sheer beauty. However, I also enjoy working with musicians, and creating many variations to these classic styles.” (Benedict G. Puglisi)

Stylistically, Benedict looks to the traditional Italian makers and models of the 16th and 17th century. Significantly influenced by violin makers such as Gasparo da Salo, Bergonzi, Guarnerius family, Testore and the models by Vincenzo Panormo. Beyond this Benedict, draws inspiration from the thousands of instruments that pass through his workshop. English and French Makers have had a great impact on his original models. Commissions and copies of specific Basses are also welcome. Playability, comfort and importantly, beauty is a must.

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