making & creating

“Any man-made thing should be well made and durable; it should be ergonomic and fit for purpose; it should have brought no harm to anybody or anything; and it should evoke delight and lasting pleasure in use”
– Kevin McCloud

Wise words which heavily influence Benedict’s philosophy. Simplicity, elegance and playability are vital outcomes of the making process.

From tree to finished instrument, Benedict’s hands work traditional methods and materials. However he’s not afraid to incorporate the latest science to ensure his instruments can compete at the highest level both totally and structurally

Players and the owners of his instruments can be reassured that no part of the instrument making process has been outsourced, and you won’t find a C&C machines in his traditional workshop.

These instruments are completely individual. As individual as the timber he chooses.

  • Italian style Internal mould construction.
  • Highest Grade of Tonal Timbers ethically sourced
  • Classic time-honoured models
  • Individually customised
  • Satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Lifelong enjoyment!