I purchased #3 of Benedict Puglisi’s handmade Double Basses, my choice from among the five he made as a special project for the Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra in 2002. Right from the start the bass was full and mature in tone and response, being suitable for arco and jazz pizzicato in equal measure.
After about 10 years on the road, including numerous flights and trips around the world it stands the test of time as well, with no cracks or problems whatsoever – for a handmade carved instrument to withstand the rigours of air travel is remarkable!
Puglisi #3 has been used on recordings including: Janet Seidel Art Of Lounge Vol 3, Monica Trapaga Sugar, Janet Seidel DVD Live in Taipei, and many more. Recording engineers regularly commented on the evenness of tone, and the full strong sound has always been easy to record.
For live performances it has been my road bass for most of the last 10 years and whether played as an amplified instrument or purely acoustic, it has always been up to the task, in concerts around Australia, Japan, South East Asia, Europe and the UK, in small groups, big bands and even Symphony Orchestras.

David Seidel works as a recording and session musician in both a jazz and classical capacity. His long career as an Australian musician has included performances with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, Barry Humphries, Janet Seidel, and several US and international jazz artists.