Benedict’s smaller double bass, “La Piccolina” is the perfect fit for me. Don’t let La Piccolina’s petite proportions fool you though – the sound she produces is by no means small! People often tell me that my bass not only sounds impressive, but is also visually captivating. La Piccolina is a work of art. I love playing my double bass and can’t imagine ever parting with her.

Chloe Ann Williamson is a freelance Double Bassist with several notable Australian groups including: the Queensland Symphony Orchestra, the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Four Strings String Quartet, Camerata of St John’s and Mzaza. After about 15 years on the road including numerous flights and trips around the world it stands the test of time as well, with no cracks or problems whatsoever – for a handmade carved instrument to withstand the rigours especially of air travel is remarkable!